As manufacturers of Vingtor Decals we get various questions from customers and modellers. Some frequent asked questions are listed here, with the corresponding answers.

Question: Will Vingtor Decals produce decals for [...] ?
Answer: Vingtor Decals operates purely on impulse. We do not plan for future releases, as this most likely will be changed anyway. Even started artwork might be put aside. Thus, we cannot tell if a subject will be produced before artwork is (nearly) ready for printing.

Question: Decal sheet [...] is out of stock. Will it be reprinted?
Answer: Vingtor Decals are printed in a single production run. When they are out, they are out. Only on special occasions, e.g. if new model kits are released, we might consider reprinting decal sheets.

Question: Is it possible to order an upscaled or downscaled version of decal sheet [...], and what will it cost to print a single sheet?
Answer: Both upscaling and downscaling involves much work. It is not done unless we decide to print a full series. The cost is calculated from a startup price plus a price for each printed sheet. Printing a single (or a few) sheets will be too expensive. We don't do this.

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